Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mehron Celebre Pro HD Cream Foundation Review

You may have heard of the Mehron Make Up range before, most likely thanks to Gossmakeupartist or Lisa Eldridge! I decided to check some of their products out after reading the good reviews so I ordered the Mehron Celebre HD Pro Cream Foundation. 

Probably the best thing about this product is that they have an incredible 40 shade range! The next best thing about it I would say is the price... just under £7! 

The product itself is oil-free and fragrance free. The consistency is very creamy & non-greasy making it great for all skin types. It's also very highly pigmented. A little bit of product seems to go a long way and it applies very evenly. You can apply direct using your fingers or apply with a damp sponge for a more dewy look. 

My hand before applying the foundation

After applying! It has evened out the redness and the skin tone!

If you are not sure which shade to buy you can get samples of the product via http://camerareadycosmetics.com (UK supplier).  The sample will cost you just under £2.

Any colour received is never wasted in my opinion, darker shades can be used for contouring or during summer months, and lighter shades can be used as highlighter or mixed with other foundation!

Let me know if you have tried this and what you thought!  

Saturday, 23 March 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer Review

I bought the whole undressed set (and some extras!) in a recent Makeup Academy order.

I picked up the following (from left to right):

I have to admit that this whole order came from just wanting to test the primer! My local Superdrug did not have any in stock so I bought this lot on-line via the Makeup Academy website.  The order came quite quickly, I must have only waited 3 days for it.

After a couple of weeks of trying these products out, I can say I am definitely really impressed with the primer. 

MUA claims the primer 'creates a radiant complexion that feels velvet soft to the touch whilst reducing the appearance imperfections in the skin such as fine lines and open pores'.  I can say that it has done all of this.

The product comes out in a clear liquid gel, and one pump is enough to cover the whole face.  It spreads out very easily and dries quite quickly leaving the skin feeling really soft and smooth.  My make up lasts between 6-9 hours and another big bonus is that I am shine free for the whole working day.  My skin also does look a lot 'healthier' or 'glowy' with the use of this primer. 

You get 15mls of product for only £3 (price as at March 2013) which is such a bargain! I have got a collection of primers ranging from L'oreal's Studio Secret to Benefit That Gal to Clarins Beaute Baume and this is my favourite of the lot!  

I would love to know if you have tried this product and what you thought of it.

I will post reviews of the other products soon.

Note: I can't recommend that this product will suit you of course, we all have different skin.  I have only reviewed this after having tried this on myself/on clients. Always test products before use in case of allergies.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Penny Starlets

Good Evening!

We wanted to share one of our most popular products in store.. Our very own Penny Starlets ♥ Made to order jewelled tights!

These are great for weddings, nights out, ice skating and dancing. We have them in Nude or Suntan in Short, Regular & Tall and a higher support range is also available if your after a more flattering silhouette!

Come and check them out in store! You can buy these at www.pennypinup.co.uk

Currently we only dispatch round the UK however if you are elsewhere please just send us an email at contact@pennypinup.co.uk or message us on our facebook fan page www.facebook.com/pennypinupmakeup to arrange for EU/non EU shipping ;)

We noticed J Lo wearing a similar pair on her SYTYCD show! ♥

Monday, 18 March 2013

Barry M TMLP

I saw the pictures and I had to try it!

Barry M's TMLP lipstick (I believe the TMLP stands for 'turns my lips pink') and is less that £5 from Superdrug here in the UK.

Barry M Lipstick TMLP

It's a green lipstick that turns varying shades of pink depending on the levels of alkali on your lips... my lips went a strong hot pink colour!  The lipstick is also waterproof and contains Aloe Vera.  

This reminds me of those mood rings from the 90s ..but a make up version! ♥

I found the lipstick lasted ALL day! I actually tried rubbing this off and mixing with my lip balm and it was not budging easily! So, it's definitely great for a night out! In this case it works more like a stain. You'll also get some funny looks from anyone observing!

I would say you'll get any shade between these (with mine resembling the far right):

Barry M Pinks

All in all this is a fun product! If you don't like the unpredictability of the shades then perhaps this one is not for you though!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Highlighter Dupes

Most of your are probably familiar by now with high end brands dupes such as Elf's Gotta Glow highlighter and Nars Albatross highlighter, but there are always ways of using make you may even have already to get the same effect!

Nars Albratross is beautifully packaged, gives beautiful shimmer and costs £21.50

Nars Albatross

Elf's Gotta Glow is similarly packaged, has almost the same shimmer effect and only costs £3.75

This product gives a subtle light gold sheen and looks amazing on the cheek bones. It is quite powdery but it's not chalky when applied.
ELF Gotta Glow

Nars Swatch on Top and Elf swatch on lower finger

There is another even cheaper alternative though which I have been using lately! It's the MUA eyeshadow Shade 1 in Pearl for £1! This one is equally as good for a shimmery highlighted look!

MUA Shade 1 in Pearl
MUA swatch

How to spot Bobbi Brown Fakes!

Today we received Bobbi Brown products from a new supplier to put up in store. Unfortunately the unwrapping of the new items turned out to be such a disappointment!  

The 'goods' were all fakes...and really bad ones at that! It's so depressing to know that people can and are getting away with selling cheap & harmful knock-offs to the public. 

I am coming across more and more counterfeit cosmetics these days and these scammers are getting better at copying the real deals.   I have come across women who say they are not really that bothered if their make up is real or not because as long as they have a bag full of the high end brands they are happy without realising how harmful they can be.  

Some aren't even aware that a counterfeit market even exists. This can be anyone, from your mother to the young girls  who absolutely must have all the MAC they can fit in their bathroom cabinets no matter what! (Girlies, I completely understand the desperation!)

So be aware - counterfeit DOES exist and these cosmetics may not have been made in a sterile environment. They can therefore contain carcinogenic ingredients that are banned from use in cosmetics which can cause allergies and potential long-term harm.

Just to reassure all, we have returned the 'goods' to the supplier and have ended all dealings with them.

Not all is lost though.. I have taken the opportunity to share the images with you to help you see the difference between the real deals and the counterfeits!

We received 3 different types of items:

  • Bobbi Brown Creamy Eyebrow Pencil
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
  • Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

Here is the Gel Liner. Things to note on this are the following:

-The name is completely wrong ('Fluidline' is a MAC product name not Bobbi's)
-The quality of the box is very poor
-No detail sticker underneath the gel liner (picture shows '01')
-Poor quality container
-Bar code is not a sticker (it is printed on box)
-Poor quality foam under the lid

Simple difference:

Here is what the real Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner looks like (spot the difference!):

Next we have the Foundation stick. Things to note are:
- Poor Quality box
-Silver Tube
-Poor Quality Print
-Sticker on the bottom of product
-Product name completely wrong

 Here is what the real Bobbi Brown Foundation stick looks like (spot the difference!):

Last but not least, the Bobbi Brown Creamy Eyebrow Pencil.  In all honesty, this one was a little more tricky but the biggest obvious difference is the colour at the end of the pencil, there is none on the fake!

So.. we live and learn! I hope this has been helpful! ♥

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Hey All!

Welcome to Penny Pin Up's Blog :)

We have an on-line store inspired by 40s & 50s post war pin ups.  We sell a range of genuine, 

top brand cosmetics at discounted prices.  We believe that it ain't so tough to pretty ourselves up no more but we still want make-up for pennies! We also have are the proud creators of Penny Starlets (Jewelled Tights range).

You can visit our store at www.pennypinup.co.uk

This little blog has been created to share make up inspiration, tips and ideas with you as well as to provide honest reviews on make up & beauty products (in store and not in store!) ♥