Monday, 18 March 2013

Barry M TMLP

I saw the pictures and I had to try it!

Barry M's TMLP lipstick (I believe the TMLP stands for 'turns my lips pink') and is less that £5 from Superdrug here in the UK.

Barry M Lipstick TMLP

It's a green lipstick that turns varying shades of pink depending on the levels of alkali on your lips... my lips went a strong hot pink colour!  The lipstick is also waterproof and contains Aloe Vera.  

This reminds me of those mood rings from the 90s ..but a make up version! ♥

I found the lipstick lasted ALL day! I actually tried rubbing this off and mixing with my lip balm and it was not budging easily! So, it's definitely great for a night out! In this case it works more like a stain. You'll also get some funny looks from anyone observing!

I would say you'll get any shade between these (with mine resembling the far right):

Barry M Pinks

All in all this is a fun product! If you don't like the unpredictability of the shades then perhaps this one is not for you though!