Saturday, 16 March 2013

Highlighter Dupes

Most of your are probably familiar by now with high end brands dupes such as Elf's Gotta Glow highlighter and Nars Albatross highlighter, but there are always ways of using make you may even have already to get the same effect!

Nars Albratross is beautifully packaged, gives beautiful shimmer and costs £21.50

Nars Albatross

Elf's Gotta Glow is similarly packaged, has almost the same shimmer effect and only costs £3.75

This product gives a subtle light gold sheen and looks amazing on the cheek bones. It is quite powdery but it's not chalky when applied.
ELF Gotta Glow

Nars Swatch on Top and Elf swatch on lower finger

There is another even cheaper alternative though which I have been using lately! It's the MUA eyeshadow Shade 1 in Pearl for £1! This one is equally as good for a shimmery highlighted look!

MUA Shade 1 in Pearl
MUA swatch