Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lime Crime Velvetine Dupes!

Hi Y'all!

This is just a quick post to show you some Lime Crime Velvetine Dupes!

Currently Lime Crime have two shades of Velvetine Lipsticks available in Red Velvet and Suedeberry. Red Velvet is a 'rich velvety red like petals of a rose' and Suedeberry is a 'strawberry red, often associated with the 1950s icon Marilyn Monroe'. (Quoted directly from Lime crime shop page).

You can get them from various on-line make up shops for approximately £11.50 here in the UK (excl. delivery depending which site you buy them from). They cost $16.99 in the USA.The Velvetines have really taken the beauty world by storm and they are pretty much sold out the majority of the time!

Suedeberry (L) & Red Velvet (R)

Let's start with the Suedeberry dupes:
  • Revlon Strawberry Suede - product now discontinued but still available on some on-line make up stores. This shade is nearly identical. Price varies upon on-line shop choice.
  • Rimmel Kate 109 - a little less red and a little more coral but same consistency. You can get this for about £4-£6 on-line/in store.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam - This is a matte cream lipstick and almost identical to Lime Crime's Suedeberry and you can get these for about £5/£6 on-line.
  • Sleek Pout Pain in Lava & Pin Up (mix the two colours to achieve that suedeberry look!) These are approx £4/£5 each in superdrug or online.

...and for the Red Velvet Dupes:

  • MAC Lipmix in Crimson - this product is almost identical and costs £13 online/in store (note: quite hard to get in the UK)
  • OCC Lip Tar in NSFW - this is very similar and cost £9 online
  • Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up - these are a great dupe and cost only £4/£5 in Superdrug or online
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo - this is almost identical and can be bought online for about £5/£6.
  • Update! I found a new one! Beauty UK Lipstick in shade No. 6 Vampire - this is almost identical and costs £3.49 in Superdrug!

Some of these items might be difficult to get your hands on in the UK but hopefully you might even have some of these already in your kits. I think I will be grabbing myself some Sleek and NYX copies next payday!

If anyone else knows of any more please let me know in the comments below! I hope this helps!

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